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How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

Exterior of home

Exterior of homeWhat you may not realize about the exterior of your home is that the color you choose could affect the look of your whole street. No pressure, right? A number of factors may come into play when it comes to making decisions about the aesthetic of your home front and yard. Below are a few tips that can help you to choose a color scheme that will work for both you and the surroundings of your home as well. 


If you aren’t looking to do a complete exterior renovation, then it is good to take into consideration the color of your roof shingles or tiles, trim, stonework pathways and driveway material. These can play an important part when it comes to bringing a whole color scheme together. Be on the lookout for undertones between them that can unify your whole color palette. 

Ask yourself if they are warmer colors, such as beige, khaki, brown or rust, or if they might be cooler colors like gray, black and blue. You want to choose an exterior paint color that will tie all of these fixed elements in harmoniously.


The architectural style of your home can play a big part in choosing a color for your exterior paint. Many homeowners may not realize that certain styles of homes may only work with certain color palettes. Whether your home is Victorian, American Colonial or a modern ranch-style, each type of architecture yields its own unique influence of culture and style. This also means that often times, each style of home has certain colors that may work for it and others that will not.

Exterior of homeThere are some paint manufacturers that will offer historically accurate colors which can be immensely helpful when creating your custom color palette for your home’s exterior painting. It can also be helpful to consult a professional who is well-versed in exterior painting and would be able to offer suggestions based on your home’s style and elements. While you don’t have to adhere strictly to historical guidelines of your home’s architectural style and era, it is important to keep it in mind. If you are really stuck, calling a professional consultant can also be a good idea.


Exterior painting may have more aspects to it than you might realize. There are are major areas you will want to keep in mind: field color, accent color and trim color. Typically you want the trim color to contrast strongly with the field color. Many homes you see will have white trim as it can brighten up a darker field color, but you can still opt for more of a monochromatic color scheme too. The offset of a dark main hue with a classic white trim or other pale shade can be a stunning upgrade to your home exterior. Some people like to also add a bold accent color by painting their door a bright color. Keep in mind though, overdoing it on the accent colors can have the adverse affect and ruin the aesthetic of your home. 

Exterior of homeAnother important thing to know is that exterior paint shades can vary greatly from how they may appear on a paint chip. An exterior paint job is a much bigger undertaking than simply painting a room or two. A good idea is to buy a small quart of paint in the color you want, paint a small section of your house and then view it at different times of the day and in various weather conditions. This can help you decide if you will like the look and feel of the color.


An update to the exterior paint of your home can be just the bump it needs to bring it back to life. Choosing a painting company that can provide you with expert advice and consultation is important, as painting the exterior of your home is no small decision. At Painters in CT, we make sure to thoroughly grasp the vision you have and make it a reality. We strive for the process to be done efficiently and effectively from beginning to end. Give us a call today!

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