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Making the Transition from Carpet to Wood Flooring

Man laying down hardwood floors

Newly Remolded KitchenCarpet is a pretty versatile material that is utilized throughout many homes today, but oftentimes after years of use, carpet can become worn and outdated. Many homeowners are beginning to make the switch from carpet to hardwood in many of the main areas of their homes. Not only does wood flooring look more modern but in most cases, it is easier to maintain. While some might take this project on themselves, it can be a bigger task than you might realize.


Wood floors are a great choice and have many benefits over carpeting, as they are easier to clean and also great for those with allergies. Whether the style of your home is modern, traditional or country, wood flooring has the versatility to work in any home. Some other benefits wood floors offer are:Man Laying Down Hardwood

• Low maintenance

• Strong and durable

• Enhance the look of your home

• Matches any décor

• Can be refinished

• Provide better air quality

Often times carpeting can get dirty and easily stain, therefore you might have to get them professionally cleaned often in order to feel like your home doesn’t have a musty or unclean feeling. With wood flooring, it is very easy to clean floors after a spill, and most times you do not have to worry about it staining.

TYPES OF WOOD FLOORINGNewly laid floors in bathroom

There are many colors, finishes, and sizes to choose from when it comes to flooring. The main choices are between laminate flooring, traditional hardwood or engineered hardwoods. Laminate is usually a cheaper option but can be very easy to spot. The hardwood options are similar, but traditional hardwood can be more expensive and harder to install on your own, although this kind of flooring will probably last you a really long time. Engineered hardwood floors can cost the same or slightly more than traditional hardwood flooring but are much easier to install on your own. There are also floating hardwood floors, which can be installed directly on top of the subfloor. This kind has a tongue-and-groove snap together system. As a homeowner, it is totally up to you and what style of wood flooring you are going for, most likely a style that will match your kitchen color scheme and appliances.


There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to removing your carpet and installing hardwood floors. You will need to make sure the carpet is removed properly so that there is enough room for the new wood flooring to be laid down. For those who have some experience with handy work, you might be just fine putting new flooring in yourself, but as mentioned before it can be a little harder than you realize.Bedroom with new floors

When ripping out the carpeting, you have to be extra careful around the edges of the room where the carpet is attached to the subfloor by nail strips that run along the room’s perimeter. You have to be extra careful when removing this perimeter as the nails are sharp, so proper disposal is important. You will most likely have to remove the trim in the room in order to access the tack strips used to hold the carpet in place. These are important steps in order to prepare the floor for the hardwood to be laid down.

LET PAINTERS IN CT DO THE WORK!Newly carpeted bedroom

At Painters in CT, we are experts in transforming your flooring into exactly what you are looking for. Don’t worry about the hassle of ripping up carpet yourself, we will take care of your carpet to hardwood flooring installation from start to finish! We will even help to consult you in which type of flooring might be the best option for your home. Our experts have years of expertise in hardwood floors and installation and would be happy to take on your next project!

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