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Are Expensive House Paints Worth the Price Tag?

Exterior of home

remodeled kitchenWhen looking into paint, whether for the interior or exterior of your home, the price tag can range pretty dramatically. This can leave many homeowners questioning what brands and price point they should be considering for their home project. Many people might try to save some money and go for a cheaper brand. Saving on price though, can leave the question of if a cheaper paint means sacrificing on the quality and durability of the paint.


remodeled kitchenPaying less for paint may seem like a bonus, but often times, cheaper paint could mean that you need more of it to complete your project. Cheaper paint is typically made with a lower solids content, meaning that it has a reduced ability to provide even full coverage. This could mean that you have to paint on more than 1 or 2 coats, leading you to possibly having to buy more paint just to achieve an even coating.


remodeled bathroomMore expensive paints will give you better coverage and typically last longer as well. Most times a more expensive paint will have a higher solids content. The more solids a paint has, the better it can hide and protect a surface. If you are painting the exterior of your home, you definitely want to purchase an expensive paint because you want something that is durable enough to last through changing weather elements. You should buy the most expensive paint that you can afford. Buying expensive paint doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go for the designer brand names that you hear everywhere, in fact, the best quality paints are most likely hardware store brands with a slightly higher price tag.

Of course, it is important to consider the surface and/or color you are trying to paint over. Darker colors can be harder to paint over, requiring multiple layers of paint even with expensive brands. The difference is, a cheap brand of paint could take 5 or 6 coats of paint, while the expensive brand my only require 2. It is definitely worth paying for a paint with more solid to it so that you know you are getting more even coverage.

DON’T FORGET PRIMER!remodeled bathroom

One important step to remember before painting is to choose and start with a primer. Even if you are going to use high quality, expensive paint, prepping and priming your walls is an important step. This can include repairing holes, sanding, or washing walls. Primer helps to create an even surface before you begin painting. Also, when painting over a darker color, primer will help to cover up the dark paint so you may be able to use less coats to cover it up. A very important note to consider is to avoid any brand that says it is a “paint and primer” all in one. It is important not to skimp on quality of paint and to match, it is equally important to buy quality paint brushes to apply the paint with. It can be overwhelming to try to find the best materials for your project, but that is where we come into play! Hiring a team of professionals with years of experience will be the best way to ensure your project is completed correctly.

CALL THE EXPERTS!freshly painted bedroom

A bedroom is the room where we seek the most peace and tranquility, as it is where we most often rest and sleep for long periods of time. Many people want to create a mood for their bedroom, utilizing a color palette that works for them and the vibe they want to feel every time they walk into the room. There are no rules when it comes to what color your bedroom should be, therefore, you can dare to be bold with color or keep it more on the neutral side. One thing to consider is an accent wall, or even turning your ceiling into an accent wall. It is a stylish way to give your room a complete look from top to bottom!freshly painted bedroom

Updating your current space with a little paint can be simple and cost efficient. So take a quick look around and decide what area needs a fresh coat of paint and a pop of color. Now is the time to make the change and give your home the mini make over it deserves! At Painters in CT we have extensive experience in all kinds of painting so we are here to help fulfill any needs you may have. We will gladly consult you when it comes to what you want to paint and even the colors you are thinking of using. We want to help you bring the new vision you have to life!

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